Place : Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium

  Troupe Date Time List of Opera Main Actor/Actress
1 The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association 
27th Jan, 2020 (Mon.) (day)13:30 Cantonese Opera Extravaganza "Fairy Hongluan"
27th Jan, 2020 (Mon.) (night)19:30 Cantonese Opera Extravaganza "Beauty in Disguise"
2 Eurana Operatic Arts Assembly
Consignment Tickets Enquiries
6683 8163 
24th Mar, 2020 (Tue.) (night)19:30 "Chen Sanliang"
25th Mar, 2020 (Wed.) (night)19:30 "Chen Sanliang"
26th Mar, 2020 (Thur.) (night)19:30 "Forty Years of Cherished Love"
Li Qiuyuan,
Tang Mi-ling,
Leung Wai-hong,
Yat Dim-hung,
Chan Ka-ming,
Sung Hung-bor,
Tsim Ho-fung
3 The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe
Consignment Enquiries 2584 8591 
6th Apr, 2020 (Mon.) (night)19:30 "Warriors" Romance"
7th Apr, 2020 (Tue.) (night)19:30 "Monkey King Subdues White-skeleton Demon"
Mo Hua-min
Liang Yian-fei


1 All programmes are marked seats.
2 Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients.
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