For urban dwellers who pursue materialistic enjoyment and lead stressful lives, art and culture can help release their stress, heal their souls, brighten up their lives and nurture their characters of benevolence and elegance.  Unfortunately, people always indulge themselves in activities which provide sensational excitement only and neglect the importance of art and culture. Therefore, it is necessary for the government and art-lovers to protect and to promote art and culture so that they would not be submerged under the current trend.

Throughout the development of Cantonese Opera over the last century, many brilliant artists have put a lotof effort in adopting the tradition, inspiring the successors and reformingCantonese Opera.  Thanks to their effort, Cantonese Opera has developed into its present form.  Amongst different forms of arts, CantoneseOpera truly represents Hong Kong as it is theonly form of art that was developed locally and has been enjoyed by people of several generations.  Thus, the status of Cantonese Opera like Japanese Noh Opera and Beijing Opera should be duly recognized and inherited by our younger generation.

The Cantonese Opera Advancement Association was  established with the above vision and was registeredas a non-profit making organization, with a view to promoting Chinese Opera. 



  1. To enhance the status of Cantonese Opera and to gain recognition from the general public;
  2. To promote Cantonese Opera to all stratum of the society and to enlarge theaudience base; and
  3. To strengthenthe youth’s knowledge towards Cantonese Opera.



We have become a venuepartner of the Sha Tin Town Hall since 2008. Participating troupes include the following: 

  1. Sun Moon Star Cantonese Opera
  2. Glory Chinese Opera Institute
  3. Ming Chee Sing Chinese Opera
  4. Lung Kui Kam Yuen Court
  5. Go-Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe
  6. Kam Yuk Tong Cantonese Opera Troupe
  7. Eurana Operatic Arts Assembly (Legend Cantonese  Opera Troupe / Ling Lung Cantonese Opera Troupe)
  8. Kam Sing Fai Cantonese Opera
  9. Wing Cheong Cantonese Opera Promotion Association
  10. Yeung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe
  11. Fung Ngai Cantonese Opera
  12. Kim Sang Fai Cantonese Opera
  13. Rainbow Opera Troupe
  14. Love and Faith Cantonese Opera Laboratory
  15. Dragon Opera Development Society
  16. Forever Excellence Opera Troupe
  17. Sum Mei Cantonese Opera Songs Association
  18. Hung Ka Po Cantonese Opera Gallery
  19. Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Promotion Limited
  20. Evergreen Opera Troupe
  21. Yotaka Performing Arts Society
  22. Hong Kong Society for The promotions of Cantonese Opera
  23. Nan Art Workshop
  24. The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe
  25. Sing Fai Cantonese Opera Promotion Association Limited

Through the Venue Partner Scheme, the above troupes held at the Sha Tin Town Hall more than 70 performances each year.  Our Association has also held a number of events and activities, including exclusive shows for students, Cantonese Opera Fun Day, Cantonese Opera excerpts,lectures and informative exhibitions, etc. Through the organization of a great variety of events and activities, it is hoped that Cantonese opera can be promoted to the community and to people of different walks of life in order to enlarge the audience base so that Cantonese Opera can be developed and inherited. 


Chairman  Mr. MA Ho Fai, GBS, JP 

Vice Chairman  Mr. LI Fung Cheung, John 

Vice Chairman  Ms. LO Wing Sze, Anthea, JP

Chief Executive  Ms. YIU Wai Ha, Connie 

Administration Manager  Ms. CHAN Siu Yin 

Art and Administrative Assistant   Ms. SHUM Wai Ling, Emily

Art and Administrative Assistant   Mr. YIU Man Cheung, Jarvis 


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